Laser: We have 2 Mitubishi lasers capable of handling sheets up to 5' x 10', our laser cutting equipment features pallet changing for fast loading and unloading to maximize production throughput. We offer cutting capabilities up to 3/4" for mild steel, 3/8" for stainless steel, and .25" for aluminum.

Forming: We offer up to 175-ton equipment capable of 13-foot lengths with CNC controllers. A skilled and quality-conscious staff allows our forming department to meet our customers' exact needs. Our equipment features 4 axis CNC back gauge for quality and safety.


CNC Mills: We have multiple CNC Milling Centers, whether your needs are close tolerances or high-volume production, our CNC Mill department can serve you with quality and cost effectiveness. This department currently produces a variety of products ranging from machined castings to precision prototypes. Our equipment features capacities up to 20" x 65".

CNC Lathes: We have multiple CNC Lathes. Precision and high-volume production needs are met with the sophisticated capabilities of our CNC turning equipment and their highly skilled and flexible team of operators. Our equipment features 12' bar feeders, up to 2" spindle bores, and multiple position turrets.

Conventional Machining: Our conventional department offers quality. Precision machine work is performed by operators with as many as 25 years of experience with the company. Boasting over 40 pieces of equipment, our skilled machinists can meet any precision machining need. We can process complex prototype development or precision machining work with capabilities that include milling, drilling & tapping, broaching, grinding, turning, boring, and grooving. Our turning capabilities in this department can produce parts up to 43" in diameter and 192" in length. Exceptional capabilities of our milling equipment include machining up to 48" or 106".


Our background of exceptional quality in precision machining is translated into our fabrication work as well. Our team offers Mig, Tig, and Pulse welding for Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel. From high volume production runs, to large assemblies, to intricate prototypes, our welding department can meet our customers' most diverse needs.


Finished goods are painted in house in our powder coating system. Products are moved through wash, spray, and bake on our custom-built overhead track system, allowing for maximized efficiency and product flow. We can offer smooth or textured finishes in a variety of coatings and colors. If you have special color or specification needs, call us. We have the coatings to meet your needs.


We have the capabilities to deliver a fully finished product. We guarantee complete products in a finished state, ready to run, ready for installation or distribution. Whether your requirements dictate powder coatings, hardware assembly, or packaging, we can finish your products to your exact specifications.


Our engineering team has over 75 years of combined experience which is leveraged via our program management process to bring each of our customers the highest quality, best value solution possible. From initial contact to delivery of the product, we manage each project to ensure your success.


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